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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems for your Home or Dental Office

Our specialty is water quality. As our waters become more polluted, we must take action to protect ourselves from these impurities. It is our goal to provide a source of water that is free of chemical and biological contaminants.

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that has a proven track record. It was first developed over 40 years ago to desalinate water to be used for municipal use, but has grown to be used in many different applications. These applications include electrical generation plants, paper and pulp mills, chemical plants, electronics production and even the pharmaceutical industry.

Reverse osmosis treated water has been proven to reduce the chemical impurities in water by 95-99%, leaving your water virtually contaminant free. While reverse osmosis provides highly purified water, it is also a low maintenance piece of equipment. Only periodic filter changes keep this workhorse operational.

Thus, using reverse osmosis technology, the chemical purity of the water has been addressed. Next, the biological purity must be managed. To tackle this issue, an ultraviolet light is implemented. Ultraviolet light is another proven technology that is also easily maintained.

Finally, the use of reverse osmosis coupled with ultraviolet light produces high quality water that is beneficial to a variety of applications. MAE Water Solutions, Inc. provides a number of reverse osmosis units to fit every need, whether it is home, office or other industrial application.

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